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Shape your Vision of Maths

by Geoff White, B.Ed.

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The Fields Medal Winner of 2022 is

Hugo Duminil-Copin,
a young professor at the University of Geneva.

"- for solving outstanding problems in the probabalistic theory of phase transitiuons in statistical physics, especially in dimensions three and four."

"Making mistakes is just an important component of the creative process and you have to teach younger people how to accept that. Once they start to get it math becomes more joyful."

He says,
"Smartness is not that relevant for being creative in math. It's more about your experiences and sensibility. These things are going to shape your vision of the world."

In Mortensen Math we enable students to "explore and discover" by creating learning opportunities with the manipulatives. We develop vision by insisting that they "see all numbers as rectangles" so many over and so many up. Then ask them to draw what they built.

It is in the building and the drawing that understanding takes place, not in the abstract memorizing of symbols. Yes, of course we will teach notation, but later.

Making math available to multiple senses is crucial to success and to the motivation to study it. If all math is to you is the memorization of facts, rules, formulae and process, it is not likely that your desire will survive grade school.

Hugo Dumini-Copin studies phase transitions. That is what we call it when water, say, changes state from liquid to solid (freezing) or to vapor (boiling). He envisioned a fountain and puzzled over how to study the motion of individual water droplets.

Playing with blocks and building numbers to solve small problems is the stepping stone to a love of and success in mathematics.

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Table of Contents
The Premise 				
The Five-Minute Overview of the Method 	
Key Phrases in Mortensen Math 						
Very Brief Summary of the Method 					
Psychological Principles at Work 					
Introduction - cont'd  							
Create a Math-Rich Environment  					
The Teacher's Role & Student Self-Esteem  				
Six Key Ideas from Jerry Mortensen  				
Section One - Counting				
Section Two - Addition
Section Three - Subtraction
Section Four - Multiplication
Section Five - Division
Section Six - Fractions
Section Seven - Algebra
Section Eight - Solving Equations
Section Nine - Functions & Relations
Section Ten - Story Problems
Section Eleven - Mortensen Math Program 

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