So I thought I'd take a camera with me..

Penticton, August 29th, 2010 The GF gave me a waterproof disposable camera the night before and I said, "Why not?" I have in previous years taken a point and shoot with me on the bike and run and have many good pictures of the race from the "inside" as it were.

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The Colourguard "O Canada"by IronDames,Burlington Leaving transition to the beach start Excitement mounting..
Pros are gone, last minute prayers.. Flags are up, we're off! Crossing the start line Swim Buoy #2
Swim Buoy #7 getting warmed up now First houseboat - 1 mile in Volunteer Safety Crew - thank you! Second houseboat 2050m in
Good Morning, Miss! How are ya? What's that you say? :) Turning for home 1800m to go Thanks for being there!
Arrival T1 Done with the swim Okay, where's my bike? Steve King - the voice of Ironman Canada, bar none.
Main Street 8:30am MacLean Creek climb Richter Pass Skaha Lake
Anne Miller, ironrookie & PoC, 7xIMC Too late for Pizza! tRUSTy Ironbike 4xIMC finisher Sister Madonna - PoC
2010 Ironman Canada Race Report

The night before the race my GF gave me a waterproof / underwater disposable camera. In previous years I have taken a point & shoot with me on the bike / run and had fun with it, so I said, "Why not?" Below are the results. I took 27 shots and was five minutes faster than last year! Go figure.

I swam only five times this year, totaling 7400m in all. 2.4 on the Monday before IMC, and recorded an86 minute split. What with taking pictures and all I enjoyed the water leg.

I strained my back 3 weeks before the race, in fact I was off work for 5 days, laid out and on drugs. So I knew I had to take it easy. Easy! Who knew we were going to have record headwinds, heavy rain and cold temps?

Things went well down to Osoyoos, first 67k, then I had a blowout. No tire damage though. Replaced the tube in 10minutes, not my best pit stop. The Richter was okay. I chose my road bike because the Cervelo is to hard on my back especially with the strain, and it has only a 42/25. My Bianchi has a 34/27 so climbing was much easier. Fought headwinds through the rollers and the out and back fatigued my back a lot. I was taking Tylenol and Ibuprofen before the Special Needs at 120k. Got wet heading up Yellow Lake and it was a grind. I had to stop for a minute to ease the back.

The 32k back to town was mixed. I passed lots of people on the downhills. Clydes don't climb well, but we roll quite nicely. By T2 my back was quite uncomfortable. I couldn't manage 20 [aces jogging without pain. More Tylenol and keep the walking brisk.

I found a partner, Anne Miller of Toronto, and we walked the whole 42k. Keeping a careful eye on the watch we judged our pace nicely and finished in 16:57:00

I'm not complaining. I knew I had a bad back going in and I am happy to have finished number seven, standing up, with a smile on my face.

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