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Exercise Books

The Mortensen "more than Math" Program consists of 210 exercise books defined in Five strands: Algebra, Arithmetic, Calculus, Measurement and Problem-Solving. They are arranged in Five levels approximating in difficulty as follows:







School Grade

K - 3

4 - 6

7 - 8

9 - 10


Contains (10 books in each):

Alg, Arith, Calc, Meas, P.S.

Alg, Arith, Calc, Meas, P.S.

Alg, Arith, Calc, Meas, P.S.

Alg, Calc, Meas, P.S.

Alg, Calc,

Scope & Sequence of Mortensen Math Exercise books

There are 210 exercise books covering the curriculum from K-12 laid out as shown on the pages below.

Each level has a Manual explaining in detail how each lesson and exmple is to be taught. Fully illustrated, depicting the use of combo blocks, plastic overlays and basic operations tiles.
Page One
Page Two
Page Three
Page Four
Page Five
Page Six
Page Seven
Page Eight
Page Nine

This can only be approximate as curricula vary from district to district and many do not include some topics at particular grades. The table above is shown only as a guide to purchasing materials. All arithmetic is covered before grade 9 for example, and yes we have "Kindergarten Calculus!"

The books are numbered but, nothing in Book One Level One Algebra indicates the Student's intended age, thus it may be used with teenagers or adults as readily as with elementary aged pupils depending on their ability.

The exercise books increase in difficulty incrementally as the numbers grow higher. Once a student has done all 210 exercise books she will have covered the entire school curriculum in mathematics as prescribed by most school districts. Some variations are inevitable as the program is used throughout North America from Florida to Alaska in Australia and in Europe, by independent schools and in Public Schools with adult learners and in Montessori Pre-schools.

Teacher's Handbook for Teaching Math with Manipulatives using the Mortensen Method

A must have for homeschoolers and teachers alike.

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