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approx 530 titles catalogued as of 2012/08/10

General Fiction

20 C Short Stories, ed.Barnes, Harrap, 1959 Angels & Demons, Dan Brown, Pocket, 2000 Animal Happiness, V,Hearne, Harper, 1995 Atlantic Fury, H.Innes, Knopf, 1962 Bell Jar, The, Sylvia Plath, Faber, 1963 Bonjour Tristesse, Francoise Sagan, Dell, 1955 La Chaminade, Francoise Sagan, Dell, 1965 Scars on the Soul, Francoise Sagan, Penguin, 1977 Catcher in the Rye, The, JD Salinger, Bantam, 1951 2 copies Celestine Prophecy, J. Redfield, 1993, Tenth Insight, J.Redfield, 1996 Canadian Entry, C.Hanson, Clarke-Irwin, 1972 Deep Black, S. Coonts, 2003, Fiction Democracy, Joan Didion, S-S, 1984 Digital Fortress, Dan Brown, 1998 Edible Woman, The, M.Atwood, McClelland&Stewart, 1983 Eagle Has Flown, The, J.Higgins, Fate is the Hunter, EK Gann, Panther 1962 Fiddler's Green, EK Gann, Sloane, 1950 Fourth Protocol, F.Forsyth, Corgi 1985, Fiction Great Pursuit, The, Tom Sharpe, Pan, 1979 Hawaii, J.Michener, Fawcett, 1959 Source, The, J.Michener, Fawcett, 1968 Iberia, Michener, Random House, 1968 Ipcress File, The, L.Deighton, Panther, 1964 Charity, Len Deighton, Harper, 1996 Spy Hook, Ibid. Spy Line, ibid. Spy Sinker, ibid. Last templar, Khoury, Dutton, 2006 Lasher, Anne Rice, 1993 Norton Reader, 4th Ed. Eastman, Norton & Co, 1977 Not Wanted On Voyage, Tim Findlay, Penguin, 1984 Siddharta, Herman Hesse, Bantam, 1957 Steppenwolf, Herman hesse, Bantam, 1969 Stone Angel, The, M.Laurence, McClelland&Stewart, 1988 Street Lawyer, John Grisham, Island, 1998 Something in Vallerta, Richter, Permanent Press, 191 South by Java Head, A.MacLean, Doubleday, 1958 The Tongue Set Free, Elias canetti, FSG, The Play of the Eyes, Elias Canetti, FSG, The Conscience of Words, Elias Canetti, FSG, Tesla Bequest, Lewis Perdue, Pinnacle, 1984 Welcome Home, Stuart McLean, Penguin, 1993 White Album, The, Joan Didion, S-S, 1979 Wreck of the Mary Deare, H.Innes, Knopf, 1956 Ya-Ya Sisterhood, Divine Secrets of, R. Wells, Harper, 1997


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A Sport and a Pastime, J.Salter, Bantam, 1967
Autobiographu of a Flea, Carroll & Graf, 1983 2 copies erotica
Delta of Venus, Anais Nin, Bantam, 1977
Deep Down, sensual writing by women, ed.Chester, Faber, 1989
Erotic Poems, TR Smith, Poplar Press, 1978
Exit to Eden, Anne Rice, Dell
Fanny Hill, John Cleland, Putnam, 1963
Fever, Sensual stories by Women, Harper Collins, 1994
Hot Server, M.Doren, Midwood, 1978
Memoirs of a Geisha, Arthur Golden, Vintage, 1997
My Life & Loves, Frank harris, Grove Press, 1963, erotica
Precocious Niece, The, Allan Fox, Pleasure Books, 1978 erotica
Sexual Life of Catherine M., C. Millet,  Grove Press, 2001

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Literary Classics

Bedford Anthology of British literature, 
Chaucer: Canterbury Tales, N.Coghill, Penguin, 1951
Crisis, The, Thomas Paine, Penguin, 1995
Devils, The, Dostoyevsky, Penguin, 1953
Dubliners, The, Joyce, Penguin, 1976
Emma, Jane Austen, Penguin, 1994
Great Books Foundation, Boxed set, 1962
Great Expectations, Charles Dickens, Signet
Great Gatsby, Fitzgerald, 1953
Historical Portraits from Eng. Lit., Tickner, Nelson, 1937
Light in August, Faulkner, RHse, 1968
Longman Anthology of British Literature, vol.1,
Longman Anthology of British Literature, vol.2,
Norton Anthology First edition,
Norton Anthology Fifth edition, 2 copies
Norton Anthology, Sixth Edition
On The Road, Jack Kerouac, Signet 1957
Pocket Robert Louis Stevenson, Chatto&Sons, 1905
Sonnets of Wm. Shakespeare, Shepheard, 1974
Sun Also Rises, The, E. Hemingway, 1926
Tender is the Night, Fitzgerald, Wordsworth, 1995
Tess of the D'Urbervilles, T.Hardy, Penguin, 1978
Ulysses, James Joyce, Vintage, 1961
War & Peace, Tolstoy, Penguin, 1978


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333 Science tricks & Experiments, Brown, Tab, 1984
A Beginner's Guide to the Skies, Mayall, Cornerstone, 1960
Ancient Engineers, L Sprague De Camp, Ballantine, 1963
A Planet called Earth, Gamow, Bantam, 1965
Astronomy, Introduction to, Baker & Friedrich, Van Nostrand, 1968
Atlas of the Universe, Sir Patrick Moore, Firefly
Atom, The, L.M. Krauss,
Being Digital, Negroponte, Random House, 1995 non-fic
Brain, The, R.Restak, Warner, 1979
Brief History of Time, Hawking, Bantam, 1988 2 copies
Broca's Brain, Carl Sagan, Random House, 1974
Chemicals of Life, The, Asimov, Mentor, 1954
Cosmic Connection, The, Sagan, Dell, 1973
Dead Heat: Race Against Greenhouse Effect, Oppenheimer, 1990
Demon-Haunted World, The, C.Sagan, RHse, 1996
Diversity of Life, Ed Wilson, Belknap, 1992
Dragon's Den, Sagan, Ballantine, 1977
Earthtime, Suzuki, Stoddart, 1998
Exploration of Mars, Bizony, Aurum, 1998
Fear of Physics, L.M. Krauss, Basic, 1993
Fearful Symmetry, A.Zee, 
First Three Minutes, The, Steven Weinberg, Bantam, 1977
Hen's Teeth & Horse's Toes, SJ Gould, Norton, 1983
Let's Look at the Sky, P.Moore, Carousel, 1975
Life of the Cosmos, Lee Smolin, Oxford, 1997
Marvel's of Science, Asimov, Collier, 1957
Neutrino, The, Asimov, Discus, 1966
One Two Three.. Infinity, George Gamow, Bantam, 1947
Only A Trillion, Asimov, Ace, 1957
Order Out of Chaos, Prigogene & Stengers,
Quasars, Pulsars & Black Holes, F Golden, Pocket 1977
Report on Planet Three, A.C. Clarke, Signet, 1972
Science & Unreason, Radner, Wadsworth, 1982
Science: Good, Bad & Bogus, M.Gardner, Avon, 1981
Size of the Universe, The, FJ Hargreaves, Pelican, 1948
Smithsonian Treasury of 20C Science
Solar System, The, Smoluchowski, SAL, 1983
Stars in their Courses, The, Asimov, Ace, 1971
Sun Shines Bright, The, Asimov, Avon, 1981
Supernature, L.Watson, Coronet, 1973
Surely You're Joking Mr. Feynman, R.Feynman, Bantam, 1985
Today and Tomorrow, Asimov, Dell, 1973
Universe, The, Asimov, Avon, 1966
Universe and Eye, The, T Ferris, Chronicle, 1993
Up the Infinite Corridor, F.Hapgood, Addison, 1993
Voyages Through the Universe, vol 1 ed.Fraknoi et al, HBC 1997
World of Nitrogen, Asimov, Collier, 1966


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Writing & Literary Criticism

5 Approaches to Literary Criticism, W.Scott, Collier, 1962
1001 Ways to Market Your Book, JKremer, Open Horizons 1998
2000 Novel & Short Story Writer's Market, Writer's Digest
Anguished English, R.Lederer, Dell, 1987
A Novel Approach, J.White, Quality, 1994
Aspects of the Novel, EM Forster, Penguin, 1962
British Literature since 1900, Flanagan, Forum House, 1970
Canadian Writer's Market, The, S.Tooze, McClelland & Stewart, 2004
Craft of Writing, McMaster, Longmanns, 1962
Critical Theory Since Plato, ed. H.Adams, HBJ 1992
Dropped Threads 3, Vintage Canada, 2006
Elements of Style, Strunk & White, MacMillan, 1972 2 copies
Female Eunuch, The, G.Greer, Paladin, 1971
Future of the Novel, Henry James, Random House 1956
Great Quotations, G.Seldes, Pocket Books, 1967
Introduction to Literature, 1981, Thomas et al.
Holt Handbook, Kirszner, Holt, Rinehart, Winton, 1986
How Writing Shapes Thinking, Langer, NCTE, 1987
Literary Criticism & Theory, Bennett & Royle, Prentice-Hall, 1995
Manual of Style, A, Chicago University Press
Norton Reader, 4th Edition, 1977
On Lies, Secrets * Silence, Adrienne Rich, Norton, 1979
Our Language, S.Potter, Pelican, 1950
Pears Encyclopedia, Jr, Pelham, 1982
Penguin Dictionary of Quotations, Cohen, 1962
Peter's Quotations, Dr. LJ Peter, Bantam, 1979
Poetry of Experience, R.Langbaum, Norton, 1957
Post-Colonial Literary Studies, Lazarus, Cambridge, 2007 
Queen's English, H.Blamires, Bloomsbury, 1994
Rip-Off: writer's guide to crimes of deception, Faron, 1998
Sex, Art & American Culture, Camille Paglia, Random Hse 1992
Sexual Politics, K.Millett, Abacus, 1972
Shapes of Fiction, Gross, HRW
Theories of Literature 20th C, Fokkema & Ibsch, Hurst, UK, 1978
Wanted Words 2, Jane farrow, Stoddart 2001
Webster's Dictionary of Word Origins, M-W 1991
Why Johnny Can't Read, R.Flesch, Harper, 1966
Writer's Handbook, ed. S Burack, The Writer Inc., 1995
Writer's Manual, Porter et al, Coles, 1980
Writing for Love & Money, J.White, Quality, 1989
Writing Prose: Techniques & Purposes, Oxford, 1981


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Sports Fitness

23 Days in July, Wilcockson, 
Annapurna, M Herzog, Fontana, 1952
Arnold, A.Shwarzenegger, Pocket 1977
Basketball for Dummies, IDG, 1997
Cycling Adventures of Coconut Head, Ted Shred, 
Cycling the Mediterranean, K.Nasr, Bicycle Books, 1990
Drive, Larry Bird, Bantam, 1989 Bio
Exploring by Bike, Wilson, Gundy's 1973
Fitness For Dummies, IDG, 1996
For the Love of the Game, Jordan, Crown, 1998
Great Moments in Sports, ed.Mulvoy, Rutledge, 1981
From Hodgkin's to Ironman, Wally Hild, 1999
From Kooty w/Love, Jon-Lee Kootnikoff, Horizon, 1990 signed
I Can't Accept Not Trying, Michael Jordan, 1994
It's Not About the Bike, Lance Armstrong
Juggling for the Complete Klutx, Klutz Press, 1977 
Latin America by Bike, W.Sienko, The Mountaineers, 1993
Lore of Running, Tim Noakes, Leisure Press, 1991
Marathon, Higdon, Rodale, 1993
Mental Edge, K,Baum, Perigee, 1999
Mindgames, Phil Jackson, CB, 
New Nutrition, Dr. M. Colgan, Apple 1995
Olympics, An Illustrated History, Schaap, Knopf, 1963
Okanagan Cycling Trails, Rosenthal, 1996
On Running, Dr. Sheehan, Bantam, 1978
On the Run, Grete Waitz, Rodale, 1997
Quotable Climber, The, ed. Waterman, Lyons, 1998
Running, Start to Finish, Stanton, Lone Pine, 1999
Sports Quotes, Great Quotations, 1984
Total Triathlete, Mark Allen, Contemporary 1988
Ultimate Encyclopedia of Basketball, The, Ron Smith,
Ultimate Ride, The, Chris Carmichael, Putnam, 2003
Wooden: Reflections, with S.Jamison, 1997

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My Own Works

A Leaf, Dead, and lately Fallen, Casablanca, 2008 Poetry
Tetroid, Casablanca, 1997, SF
Mercenary Rain, SF unpublished
Mercenary Sun, SF unpublished
Never Kiss A Smiling Buddha, unpublished action/thriller
Teacher's Handbook for Teaching Math with Manipulatives
Wendy Goes Windjammin', erotica, 1998


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Asimov on Numbers, Pocket, 1977
Calculus Made Easy, S.P.Thompson, MacMillan, 1957
Facts From Figures, Moroney, Pelican, 1951
Fermat's Last Theorem, S.Singh, Fourth Estate, 1999
Flatland, EA Abbott, Dover, 1992 2 copies
Geometry, Relativity & the Fourth Dimension, Rucker, Dover, 1977
How to Lie with Statistics, D.Huff, Norton, 1954
Innumeracy, Paulos, J. A., Hill& Wang, 1988 
Mainstream of Mathematics, E.Kramer, Premier, 1951
Maria Montessori: her life and work, Standing, Mentor 1962
Mathematical Experience, The, Davis & Hersh, Penguin, 1981
Penrose Tiles to Trapdoor Ciphers, Gardner, 
Realm of Algebra, The, Asimov, Fawcett, 1961
Teacher's Handbook for Teaching Math with Manipulatives



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Chekhov: Major Plays, Signet
Complete Works of Wm. Shakespeare, Collins, 1964
It Runs in the Family, Ray Cooney, Samuel French, 1990
Loves of Cass McGuire, The, B.Friel, Samuel French, 1966 (2 copies)
Life of Galileo, Bertolt Brecht, Methuen, Chaucer Press, 1980
Making a Good Script Great, L.Seger, Samuel French, 1994
The Beauty Queen of Leenane, Martin McDonagh, Dramatists Guild, 1999
Yesteryear, J.M.Glass, Playwrights Canada Press, 1998

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100 Best Loved Poems, Smith, Dover, 1995
20th Century Poetry & Poetics, ed. G.Geddes, Oxford, 1973
A Leaf, Dead, and lately Fallen, Geoff White, Casablanca, 2008
A Child's Christmas in Wales, D.Thomas, Dent, 1968
Collected Poems Of Dylan Thomas, 1938
Modern Poetry from Africa, ed. Moore & Beier, Penguin, 1963
Odyssey of Homer, Lattimore, Harper, 1965
Portable Romantic Poets: Blake to Poe, Ed. Auden, penguin, 1978
Second Century Anthology of Verse, Charlesworth & Lee, Oxford, 1967
Selected Poems: Lawrence Durrell, Faber, 1964
Selected Poems: T.S.Eliot, Faber, 1966
Selected Poems: Paul Verlaine, Penguin, 1974
Selected Poems: Ezra Pound, Faber, 1959
Songs of a Sourdough, Robert Service, McGraw-Hill, 1957
Yeats, Nietzsche, Shaw, Great Books, 1976
Well Wrought Urn, The, Cleanth Brooks, Harvest, 1947 Poetry

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Affluent Society, The, JK Galbraith, Pelican, 1963
Age of Analysis, Morton White, Mentor, 1955
Age of Enlightenment, ed. I.Berlin, The, Mentor 1956
Age of Reason, Louis Snyder, Anvil, 1956
Anarchy, State and Utopia, Robert Nozick, Basic, 1974
Aims of Education, Alfred N.Whitehead, Mentor, 1929
Candide, Voltaire, Bantam
Communist Manifesto, Marx & Engels, Pelican, 1967
Concept of Mind, G.Ryle, Penguin, 1990
Critique of Practical Reason: Kant, LW Beck, 3rd ed., Prentice-Hall 1993
Critique of Pure Reason, Kant, Anchor, 1966
Das Kapital, Marx, Gateway, 1970
Dictionary of History of Ideas, Scribners, 1973
Dictionary of Philosophy, Pan Books, 1983
Dilemmas, Gilbert Ryle, Cambridge, 1960
Doubter's Companion, J.R.Saul, Penguin, 1995
Ethics, JL Mackie, Penguin, 1977
Existentialists & Mystics, Iris Murdoch, Penguin, 1997
Existentialism from Dostoyevsky to Sartre, Kaufmann, Meridian, 1975
Experience & Education, John Dewey, Collier 1963
Fly and the Fly-Bottle, Ved Mehta, Pelican 1965
German Philosophers: Kant, Hegel etc., Scruton et al, Oxford, 1997
Godel, Escher, Bach, D.Hofstaeder,
Government, 2nd Treatise, John Locke, Hackett, 1980
Great Conversation, Great Books, U of Chicago, 1991
Great Issues in Western Civilization, vol.2 ed.Tierney et al, R-H
Heritage of Western Civilization, vol.1, P-H,
Heritage of Western Civilization, vol.2, P-H,
History of W. Philosophy, B.Russell, Simon&Schuster, 1945 2 copies
I Seem to Be a Verb, Buckminster Fuller, Bantam 1970
In Praise of Idleness, B.Russell, Unwin, 1960
Language, Truth and Logic, AJ Ayer, Dover, 1952
Lila: an inquiry into Morals, R.Pirsig, Bantam, 1991
Logic & Critical Thinking, MH Salmon, HBJ, 1984
Marx & Rngels Basic Writings, ed.Feuer, 1959
Marx for Beginners, Riis, Pantheon, 1976
Meditations, Rene Descartes, trans. DA Cress, Hackett, 1979 2 copies
Metaphysical Foundations of Mod. Science, Burtt, Anchor, 1932
Mind, man, & Machine, Sagal, Hacket, 1994
Mind's I, The, D.Hofstaeder, 
On Certainty, L.Wittgenstein, Harper, 1969
On Democracy, Cohen & Rogers, 1983
Plato: The Republic, Lee, Penguin, 1953
Prince, The, N.Machiavelli, Dover, 1992
Problem of Knowledge, The AJ Ayer, Pelican, 1956
Public Philosophy, The, W.Lippmann, Mentor, 1955 
Philosophy, An Intro, Randall & Buchler, Barnes & Noble, 1942
Philosophy and Science, Mosedale, P-H, 
Philosophy & Ordinary Language, ed. Caton, U of Ill. 1963
Philosophy, Handbook in the History of, ed. Avey, Barnes & Noble, 1961
Philosophy and Ordinary Language, C. Caton, 1993
Philosophy of Hegel, ed. Friedrich, Random House, 1962
Philosophy of Mind: new essays, ed. Copp & MacIntosh, UofC press, 1985
Philosophy of Modern Art, H. Read, Fawcett, 1952
Philosophy of Psychology, Readings in, vol.1 ed. Block, Harvard, 1980
Philosophy of Psychology, Readings in, vol.2 ed. Block, Harvard, 1980
Philosophy of Science, Alex Bird, 1998
Philosophy of Science, O;Hear, Oxford, 1989
Philosophy (text), Velasquez & Barry, Wadsworth, 1988
Philosophy, The Pleasures of, W. Durant, Simon & Schuster, 1929
Philosophy, The Story of, W. Durant, Simon & Schuster, 1933
Political Ideas, ed. D.Thomson, Pelican, 1969
Practice of Philosophy, Rosenberg, Prentice-Hall, 1984
Pragmatism, William James, Wash.Square, 1963
Principles of Psychology, vol.1, Wm. James,
Principles of Psychology, vol.2, Wm. James,
Principles of Human Knowledge, A Treatise, Berkeley, Hackett 1982
Rational Choice, J.Elster NYU Press, 1986
Reflections, of a Siamese Twin, J.Ralston Saul, Penguin, 1997
Religion & Philosophy, Curtis, 
Savage Mind, The, C.Levi-Strauss, 
Sceptical Essays, Bertrand Russell, Unwin, 1977
Shaping of the Modern Mind, The, C.Brinton, Mentor 1947, Phil.
Social Contract, The, Rousseau, Penguin, 1968
Structuralism, Jean Piaget, Harper, 1970
Their Morals and Ours, Leon Trotsky, Pioneer Publishers, 1939
Theory of Knowledge, The, DW Hamlyn, Anchor, 1970
Thinking Machines, Adler, Signet, 1961
Thus Spoke Zarathustra, Nietzsche, Penguin, 1969
Treatise of Human Nature, D.Hume, Penguin, 1969
Unconscious Civilization, The, JR Saul, Anansi 1995 signed
Uses of Lateral Thinking, de Bono, Pelican, 1967
Utopia or Oblivion, Buckminster Fuller, Bantam, 1969
Varieties of Social Explanation, D.Little, Westview, 1991
Voltaire's Bastards, J.Ralston Saul, Penguin, 1992
Web of Belief, JV Quine, McGraw-Hill, 1978
Wittgenstein, David Pears, Collins, 1971
Worldly Philosophers, The, Heilbroner, Simon&Schuster, 1953 3 copies
World's Great Thinkers,The, 4vols, ed. Commins & Linscott, Random House, 1947
Zen & the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance, Robert Pirsig, Bantam, 1974 3 copies

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Science Fiction

3001 Final Odyssey, AC Clarke, Del Rey, 1997
40 Minute War, The, Janet&Chris MorrisBaen, 1984
50 Short Science Fiction Tales, ed. Asimov, MacMillan, 1963 SF
Across the Sea of Suns, Greg Benford, Bantam, 1987
Active Measures, Janet Morris, Baen, 1985
Afterwar, J.Morris, Baen, 1985
Alien Quartet, D.Thomson, Bloomsbury, 2000
Anything Box, The, Z.Henderson, Avon, 1965
A Philosophical Investigation, P.Kerr, Seal Books, 1992 SF
Bodyguard, ed. HL Gold, Pocket Books, 1961 SF
Bright Messengers, Gentry Lee, Bantam 1996 SF
Building Harlequin's Moon, L.Niven, Tor, 2005
Callahan Touch, The, Spider Robinson, Ace, 1995
Chick is in the Mail, The, ed. Friesner, Baen, 2000
City. Clifford Somak, Ace, 1952
Cruiser Dreams, Janet Morris, Berkeley, 1981 SF
Destiny's Road, L.Niven, Tor, 1997
Door Through Space, The, M.Zimmer Bradley, Ace, 1961 SF
Dosadi Experiment, The, Frank Herbert, Berkeley, 1977 SF
Dream Dancer, Janet Morris, Berkeley, 1981 SF
Dream Snake, Vonda McIntyre, Dell, 1978,  SF
Earth Dreams, Janet Morris, Berkeley, 1982 SF
Earth is Room Enough, I. Asimov, 1957
Empery, MP Kube-McDowell, Berkeley, 1987
Forever War, The, Joe Haldeman, Del Rey, 1974
Foundation, Asimov, Avon, 1951 SF
Future City, ed. R.Elwood, Sphere, 1976 SF
Glory Road, Robert Heinlein, Avon, 1963 SF
Godmakers, The, Dan Britain, Pinnacle, 1971
Gripping Hand, The, L.Niven, Pocket, 1993
Hardwired Angel, Abercrombie & Dorsey, Pulp Press, 1987
High Couch of Silistra, Janet Morris, Simon&Schuster, 1978
Golden Sword,  Janet Morris, Simon&Schuster, 1978
Wind from the Abyss,  Janet Morris, Simon&Schuster, 1979
The Carnelian Throne,  Janet Morris, Simon&Schuster, 1980
Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy, D.Adams, Pan, 1979
Hobbit, The, Tolkien, Grafton, 1991 2 copies
Illuminatus Trilogy, Shea & Wilson, Dell, 1975
In Alien Flesh, Gregory Benford, Tor, 1986
Infinity Link, The, J.Carver, Tor, 1984, SF
Great SF Adventures, Lancer, 1968 SF
Green Hills of Earth, The, R.Heinlein, Signet, 1951
Known Space, 3 books of, L.Niven, Del Rey, 1996
Lord of the Rings, Tolkien, Harper, 1995 2 copies
Long Arm of Gil Hamilton, The, Larry Niven, Del Rey, 1976 SF
Magic For Sale, ed. Davidson, Ace
Meeting With Medusa, A.C.Clarke, TDR, 1988
Mindbridge, Haldeman, Avon, 1976
Mona Lisa Overdrive, W.Gibson, Bantam, 1988
Morniong of the Magicians, The, Pauwels & Bergier, Mayflower 1971 SF
Mote in God's Eye, The, Larry Niven L.Pournelle, Ace, 1974 SF
Neuromancer, W.Gibson, Ace, 1984
Neutron Star, Larry Niven, Ballantine, 1968 SF
Outpassage, Janet Morris, Pageant 1988
Palimpsests, Scholz & Harcourt, Ace, 1984
Pilgrimage, Z.Henderson, Avon, 1961 SF
Ringworld, Larry Niven, Del Rey, 1970 SF
Ringworld Engineers, Larry Niven, Del Rey, 1980 SF
Stand, The, Stephen King, Signet, 1978
Stand on Zanzibar, John Bruner, Ballantine, 1968, SF
Starfire, Ingo Swann, Sphere, 1978 SF
Starmind, Spider Robinson, Ace, 1996 SF
Stars in my pocket like Grains of Sand, S. Delany,Bantam, 1984
Stranger in a Strange Land, Robert Heinlein, Berkeley, 1961 3 copies SF
Tesseracts, ed. Dorsey & Truscott, Porsepic, 1990
The Magic Goes Away, Larry Niven, Ace, 1978 SF
The Magic May Return, Larry Niven, Ace, 1981 SF 2 copies
The People: No Different Flesh, Z.Henderson, Avon, 1968 SF
Transition, V.McIntyre, Bantam, 1991
Trader to the Stars, Poul Anderson, Berkeley, 1964 SF
Triton, Delany, Bantam, 1976
Trouble Twisters, The, Poul Anderson, Berkeley, 1974 SF
Ultimatum: Pu 94, Dan & Mann, Liesure Books, 1977 SF
Vectors, M.Kube-McDowell, Bantam, 2002
White Plague, The, Frank Herbert, Berkeley, 1982 SF
World's To Come, ed. Damon Knight, 1967 SF
World Treasury of Science Fiction, ed.Hartwell, LBC, 1989

The Coffee That Pays

Miscellaneous (unsorted)

13th Gen, Howe & Strauss, Random House, 1993
14,000 Things to be Happy About, B.Kipper, Workman, 1990
Accelerated Learning, C.Rose, Dell, 1985
Anatomy of an Illness, N.Cousins, Bantam, 1979
Art of Making Wine, Anderson & Hull, HBJ, 1968
Benet's Reader's Encyclopedia, 1987
Best in Chess, The, Horowitz
Book of Lists, The, D. Wallechinsky, 1978
Classic Puzzles, Dudenay, 2002
Colombo's Concise Quotations, Hurtig, 1976
Competing with the Sylph, L.M.Vincent, MD. 1981, Psych
Concise Columbia Encyc., Avon, 1983 ref.
Curse of Lono, The, Hunter S.Thompson, Bantam, 1983
Distortions of Reality, G.Epps, 1990
Family Medical Guide, AMA, RH, 1992
France, Guide Bleu, 1987
From Free Trade to Forced Trade, Urmetzer, Penguin, 2002
Function of Orgasm, W.Reich, Meridian, 1971
Future Choice Michael Clouse - network marketing, 1996
Future Tense, ed. Curtis, Dell, Dell, 1968 SF
Games for the Super-intelligent, J.Fixx, Doubleday, 1972
Games for the Super-intelligent, More, J.Fixx, Doubleday, 1972
German: Look & Learn, Dell
Greatest Exploration Stories, ed Brown, Lyons, 2003
Green Lifestyle Handbook, Rifkin, Holt, 1990
Gulag Archipelago, Solzhenitsyn, Harper, 1974
Hens Teeth, Stephen J. Gould, Norton, 1983
High School Subjects Self Taught, L.Copeland, 1964
Hodge Podge, J.Bryan 3rdm Ballantine, 1986
Horseback Riding, A Beginner's Guide, S. Wall,
Horseback Riding Simplified, Lindsey, Pickwick
Horsemen, The, J.White, Whitehse., 2003
How to Shoe a Horse, 
Hutchinson Factfinder Encyc.,1986
Instant French, Swan, 1967
Irrational Man, W Barrett, Anchor, 1962
Larousse: French-English Dictionary, 1971
Life: a user's manual, essays, ed. miller, NW, 1998
Little Book of Insults, ed. R.Kelley, Parragon, 2002
Little Book of After Dinner Speeches, J.Stokes, Parragon, 2002
Love's Body, Norman Brown, Vintage, 1966
Men are From Cyberspace, Skriloff & Gould, Griffin, 1997
Mensa Obstacle Course, Carlton, 2000
Mexico, My Lost, J.Michener, Tor 1992
Millennium, Fernandez-Armesto, S-S, 1995 hist.
Mirror Within, A.Dickson, Quartet, 1985
Money, JK Galbraith, Bantam, 1975
Natural Superiority of Women, A.Montagu, Collier, 1952
None Dare Call it Conspiracy, Gary Allen, Concord, 1971
Not Dead yet, Times Books, 2003
Pocketful of Prose, Vol 2, Madden, Harcourt & Brace, 1996
Photographing the Nude, I.Matanle, Chartwell, 1982
Psychopathia Sexualis, Krafft-Ebing, Panther 1959
Psychotherapy East and West, Alan Watts, Mentor Books 1961 
Quotation's, Hyman, Pan, 1962
Reader's Digest Book of Facts, 1985
Re-Inventing the Future, RM Kidder, MIT, 1989
Spanish Through Pictures, Richards, et al, Cardinal 1965
Stories of Famous Operas, HV Milligan, Permabooks, 1950
Successful Women, Angry Men, Campbell, Berkeley, 1987
Theatre, A Concise History, P.Hartnoll, Thames&Hudson, 1968
Tudor & Stuart Britain, Roger Lockyer, Longman's 1967
Unwanted, The, Dr. C. Barnard, McKay, NY, 1975
Winning the Greatest Game of all, Ward, Cimarron, 1984
World Atlas, Reader's Digest, 1989
World Atlas, Time Books, 1978
World Guide, Pan Am's, M-H 1982


The Coffee That Pays


Best Places to Stay: Caribbean, Jamison, Houghton-M, 1996
Bahamas, Frommer, 2001
Canada: A Portrait, 52nd ed., StatsCan, 1989
Cancun Handbook, Mallan, Moon Pub. 1998
Europe on a Shoestring, Lonely Planet, 1985 
French for Travellers, Berlitz, 1975
Isles of the Caribbean, Nat.Geo, 1980
Mato Grosso, A.SmithDutton, 1971
Mexican Spanish, A Rough Guide, Penguin, 1996
Mexico: Lonely Planet, 1985 
Mexico Travel Book, AAA, 2003
Okanagan Back Roads, D.Stewart, Saltaire, 1975
Trip to the Beach, Blanchard, Three Rivers Press, 2004
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The Coffee That Pays


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