Division with manipulatives

Division with manipulatives using the Mortensen Method

Consider the example 72/5=

All we do in math is count.
See all numbers as rectangles.
The answer is always a number,
therefore every operation is building a rectangle.

Get out the blocks totaling 72. Say, 7 ten bars and 2 units.

Re-shape it as a rectangle with an over dimension of 5.

We can build the rectangle over 5 and down 14 as shown, but with 2 remainder.

Do the notation.

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Teacher's Handbook for Teaching Math with Manipulatives

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Table of Contents
The Premise 								P.1
The Five-Minute Overview of the Method 					P.8
Key Phrases in Mortensen Math 						
Very Brief Summary of the Method 					
Psychological Principles at Work 					
Introduction - cont'd  							
Create a Math-Rich Environment  					
The Teacher's Role & Student Self-Esteem  				
Six Key Ideas from Jerry Mortensen  					
Section One - Counting							P.46
Section Two - Addition
Section Three - Subtraction
Section Four - Multiplication
Section Five - Division
Section Six - Fractions
Section Seven - Algebra
Section Eight - Solving Equations
Section Nine - Functions & Relations
Section Ten - Story Problems
Section Eleven - Mortensen Math Program & Materials			P.240

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